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Creativity is the spark that kindles innovation. That’s the biggest reason that creativity in the workplace is so important. But how can you cultivate creativity, and more importantly, harness that energy into something productive in the workplace? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you do just that!

Hire the right people.

It takes the right kind of person with a very particular mindset to handle a creative job. That’s why you should find creative ways to test prospective employees’ mindsets. For example, you can ask that they choose and lead a warm-up game. The kind of game they choose to play can tell you a lot about their mindset.

Encourage your team to grow.

Once you have the right team in place, give them the expectation that they should always be learning. Allow them the ability and time to stretch themselves and learn similar areas. A great way to do this is to have them work on collaborations.

Empower and embolden your team.

Creativity needs a certain amount of freedom to function. When you lead a creative team, you must ensure that your team has the responsibility and freedom to use their creative solution skills. Be sure that you not only inspire them but remove unneeded obstructions from their path, as well.

Set your team up for success.

For as wonderful as creativity is, it can be very fragile. Make sure that your team has access to all the right resources, including guidance from management and a reliable team.

Celebrate both sides of effort.

With creativity, it’s important to celebrate both failure and success. No matter how much you do for your team, something will fail at some point. Be sure to applaud the ideas that spring from failure just as much as a successful idea.

Don’t get comfortable.

Nothing kills creativity faster than stagnation. Be sure that you continue to find new ways to up your team’s creativity. Bring in new blood. Come up with new exercises. Be open to changes and embrace the positivity of creativity.